Unique quality initiative by Careers In Care Pty Ltd., which aims to improve quality of training and assessment services offered by Australian Registered Training Organisations.


Customised for Private RTOs
Specially designed by industry experts for private small scale RTOs, VETShield offers risk management, governance and compliance support services to minimise strategic and operational risks associated with RTO operations.


Mapped to Regulatory Standards
VETShield services are closely mapped to ASQA’s student-centred audit approach with a greater focus on outcomes and the student experiences.


Cost Effective Compliance Solutions
We aim to reduce compliance burden on RTOs by minimising cost associated to meet regulatory obligations. In a short span of 18 months, VETShield has gained significant grounds and has emerged as a service of choice by many RTOs in Melbourne and surrounds.


An Excellent Track Record
With over a decade of RTO Management experience, our team thoroughly understands challenges that RTOs face today. We have the capability to offer flexible, timely, cost effective, compliance solutions for your RTO.

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